Monetizing Your Blog

Everyone wants to make an extra paycheck online these days. One of the bests ways to do so is by creating a blog that can generate income. How do you make a blog that can earn a hefty paycheck?1. Content is King – The top priority should be creating content that is worth reading. If you write blog posts that are worth reading people will come back to your blog over and over. You will be able to build a following,Monetizing Your Blog Articles so that when you have something to say there will actually be people who read it. Choose a blog topic you enjoy and focus in on that topic. Do not write a financial blog one day and a cooking blog the next. Hone in on different aspects of your main topic.

For example, I enjoy blogging about pappablogt online business. It’s a subject people are interested in because everyone wants to make money and also there are a great number of subtopics within online business. 2. Spread the Word About Your Blog – If you are simply making blog posts and nothing else, you are not doing enough. Submit your blog to search engines. Post twitter messages about your blog updates. Join blog directories that will catalog your blog. Blog Catalog and My Blog Log are both great blog directories that can connect you with other bloggers who share similar interest.

Within such blog directories you will be able to join communities and add contacts, which will allow your blog more exposure.3. Monetize Your Blog – If you are attracting followers and getting decent web traffic for your blog, but making no money, then you are wasting an opportunity. With a captive audience reading your blog there is an opportunity to place ads and affiliate links, which relate to your blog subject. For example, if you write a dating tips blog you could place an affiliate link to You are providing people the service of giving them a quality reference. If they visit and make a purchase then you will receive a cut of the profits. Google Adsense allows you to place ads that are related to the subject matter of your blog.

Utilize these tools to start creating income as you blog.4. Do Something Every Day – Persistence and effort are necessary if you wish to make a substantial income as a blogger. Generating adequate traffic takes time and requires you to place your blog link all over the web. Link exchanges, comment posts, message forums, and article writing can all be used as ways to place a link back to your blog. If you take the time to do something each day with the purpose of promoting your blog, eventually you will have made something that can generate income.Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share ideas with others. Most people are casual bloggers who will never make a dime from their posts.