Football for Beginners

Football is a game that is played and loved my millions of Americans. It is also a sport that is popular in other countries as well. Canada and Europe each have their own league for the American style of football. However, not to many people truly know what is going one when they watch football.

Football is a game where two teams of 11 players each try to move a ball up and down the field to score points. Even though there are only 11 players for a team on the field at any given time, there are many more players than that on the team. An entire team is usually around 53 for the professionals. This is because there are many different positions that are needed to play the game.

The different positions are usually broken up into three different categories; offense, defense and special teams. The special teams will have punters, kickers, and place holders on them. They will also have a few guys that will specialize in just returning a kickoff.

The offense has a quarterback, linemen, running backs, receivers and tight ends. The defense will have the defensive line, linebackers and some kind of safeties. There are many different ways for both the offense and the defense to line up around the ball. The way that they will line up might be to try to UFABET สูตรแทงบอลเต็ง confuse the other team as to what they are trying to do.

The offense’s job is to bring the ball down the field until they get to the end zone. When a player and the ball cross the end zone then that team will score 6 points. Then they will have the option of kicking a field goal for one extra point or trying to make a two point conversion. The length of the field is 120 yards but only 100 yards of it is used to play on. The other remaining 20 yards is split in half and is used for the end zone for each team.

There are a few other ways that you can score also in football. The next way to score is to kick a field goal. A field goal is when the kicker attempts to kick the ball through an upright. An upright is basically very similar to a fork with the middle prong missing. If he is able to get the ball to go through the post he will earn his team 3 points. The only other way for a team to score is to tackle the quarterback when he is in his own end zone, which is called a safety. When you get a safety for your team you will have scored 2 points.

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