Bodybuilding Training – Peripheral Nerve Injuries

As more and more people are getting into bodybuilding, and the levels of quality bodybuilding physique continue to rise, a new epidemic is beginning to become prevalent: Nerve injuries. Advanced training techniques, heavier poundages, and chemical advances also lead to higher instances. Nerve damage is a serious cause of delay and sometimes failure in bodybuilding careers, and any symptoms of it should be addressed immediately with your physician.


Nerve injuries, or peripheral nerve injuries to be more precise, occur when excessive trauma, stretching, or compression occurs in a muscle group.


Any sort of tingling, pain, weakness, or numbness in muscle group area could be a sign of nerve damage, particularly if sensation continues for weeks.


An examination of the affected area for physical response as well as nerve conductivity leads your doctor Bulking sarms to making a determination. This is not something that can be self-diagnosed accurately.

Additional risk factors

Athletes using human growth hormone are very prone to carpal tunnel syndrome as the components of the wrist begin their very slow thickening due to the GH functions. Nerve compression in wrists, hands, and feet is very common in GH users.


In the majority of cases, rest and a short to extended layoff form weight training is recommended. In these cases, the damage is temporary due to trauma or strain, and the nerves are able to return to normal function. In some cases, such as when the body has been permanently altered (as is the case with GH use), surgery can be required. If you believe you have peripheral nerve damage, get it checked out by a doctor immediately. Left unchecked, it can lead to severe long-term damage which might keep you out of bodybuilding. Not only can it lead to more severe injuries which will keep you from training, but the effects on your symmetry from under-developed areas due to nerve damage can keep you out of the winner’s circle as well. If you fear you may have nerve damage, get it checked out!

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