99 Amazing Reasons to Be an Entrepreneur Right Now

Sure. As solopreneurs and business owners, we experience a lot of up and downs. But the good far out weighs the bad, don’t you think?

I certainly do. In fact, when someone recently asked me why I started my own business it was hard to articulate just one concise reason. But it got me to thinking about all the great things that come with being an entrepreneur – and it filled my heart with gratitude.

So, just for fun, here are 99 amazing reasons to be an entrepreneur. Which is your favorite? What did I miss? Be sure to leave us a comment. We’d really like to know!

1. You believe work should exhilarate you, not exhaust you

2. You’re too old to have to ask anyone if it’s okay for you to¬† abc kids go to doctor’s or the dentist’s (or the therapist’s) office

3. You’re NOT too old to occasionally need a nap in the middle of the day

4. Make-up, pantyhose and high heels are overrated

5. You believe you have the right to make chocolate chip cookies any time your heart darn well pleases

6. You realized there is no such thing as job security

7. Your kids are growing up entirely too fast and you don’t want to miss it

8. If you had to buy cookies, wrapping paper, candles, popcorn, holiday ornaments, pizzas or candy bars from one more co-worker’s kid you were going to scream

9. Things like laptops, your car, long distance, childcare, internet access and more become tax deductions (Disclaimer: This is NOT tax advice!)

10. John and Marlena might get back together… again and you don’t want to miss a single minute (and no, Days of our Lives is NOT the same without them)